Auto Empire is a car brokerage firm specializing in facilitating the consignment, purchase, and sale of classic and collectible cars to a discerning network of qualified buyers and sellers.

      Yes, we facilitate shipping arrangements for buyers worldwide. In many cases, domestic shipping is included in the price; however, we advise consulting with our sales team for confirmation. For international shipping rate quotes, please contact our sales department to request a quote.

      Our delivery process is designed for your convenience and security.

      • Prior to arrival, our driver will contact you to confirm the delivery schedule. During this interaction, we kindly request that you provide a selfie with your driver's license via text message.

      • Upon arrival, your vehicle will be presented to you with at least a half tank of fuel, or charged to at least half capacity in the case of an electric vehicle.

      • You will have ample opportunity to inspect the vehicle both internally and externally at your leisure.

      • Upon acceptance of the vehicle, our team will guide you through the necessary paperwork to complete the transaction.

      • For your immediate use, your vehicle will arrive with a temporary operating plate, allowing you to begin driving while benefiting from the 5-Day Money Back Guarantee.

      • Please be aware that the day of vehicle receipt initiates the commencement of your 5-Day Money Back Guarantee period.

      While our primary focus lies in facilitating sales through consignment, we do entertain the occasional purchase of vehicles for resale. To inquire about the possibility of selling your vehicle to us, please contact our sales team at sales@autoempirex.com, providing detailed pictures and a comprehensive description of your vehicle for consideration.

      While our primary focus remains on facilitating sales through consignment, we do entertain the possibility of trades for other classic vehicles, provided it aligns with our business objectives. It's important to note that as a car brokerage firm, trade-ins are typically valued at a wholesale price. For further information or to discuss a potential trade-in, please contact our sales team at sales@autoempirex.com, providing detailed pictures and a comprehensive description of your vehicle for consideration.

      We do not currently service or restore classic cars.

      Presented below are pivotal attributes, benefits, and assurances that distinguish us from other automotive retailers:

      • A 5-day money-back guarantee applicable to all vehicles.
      • Comprehensive inspection and servicing protocols for all vehicles.
      • Assurance of vehicles being free from liens.
      • A 30-day dealer warranty.

      5-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Your Confidence, Our Priority:

      At Auto Empire, our commitment is to your complete satisfaction. That's why every vehicle in our inventory is backed by a 5-day return policy. Take the time to experience your new ride firsthand, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Should it not meet your expectations, rest assured, you can return it hassle-free.

      At Auto Empire, we prioritize your confidence on the road. That's why we offer comprehensive coverage, ensuring your vehicle is safeguarded against unforeseen issues. Drive with the assurance that we've got you covered, providing complete peace of mind.

      Return Eligibility:
      1.1. This Policy applies to all vehicle purchases made through the www.AutoEmpire.com online platform.
      1.2. The Buyer is eligible to exercise the right to return a vehicle within five (5) calendar days from the date of delivery.
      1.3. To be eligible for return, the vehicle must be in the same condition as it was at the time of delivery, with no modifications, alterations, or damage beyond normal wear and tear.

      Return Procedure:
      2.1. To initiate a return, the Buyer must contact AutoEmpire customer support (at sales@AutoEmpire.com) within the aforementioned five (5) day period to request a return authorization.
      2.2. Upon receipt of the return request, AutoEmpire will provide the Buyer with further instructions regarding the return process, including the arrangement of return shipping.

      Return Shipping:
      3.1. AutoEmpire shall bear the cost of return shipping for eligible returns, provided that the Buyer adheres to the return procedure outlined in Section 2 above.
      3.2. AutoEmpire will coordinate the transportation of the vehicle using reputable carriers and ensure its safe return to the original pickup location.
      3.3. The Buyer shall cooperate with AutoEmpire and the designated carrier to facilitate the return shipping, including providing necessary access and information.

      Processing Fee:
      4.1. In the event of a return, the Buyer shall be responsible for a processing fee of $150 (USD). This fee covers administrative costs associated with the return process and handling.
      4.2. The processing fee shall be deducted from the total refund amount due to the Buyer upon successful completion of the return process.

      Delivery Fee:
      5.1. If the Buyer decides to return the vehicle, a delivery fee of $250 (USD) will be applicable.
      5.2. The delivery fee covers the initial transportation costs incurred by AutoEmpire to deliver the vehicle to the Buyer's designated location.
      5.3. The delivery fee will be deducted from the total refund amount due to the Buyer upon successful completion of the return process.

      Refund Process:
      6.1. Upon satisfactory completion of the return process and fulfillment of all eligibility criteria, AutoEmpire will issue a refund to the Buyer within fourteen (14) business days from the date of vehicle receipt by AutoEmpire.
      6.2. The refund amount shall be the original purchase price minus the processing fee and delivery fee as outlined in Sections 4 and 5 above.
      6.3. Refunds will be issued using the same payment method employed by the Buyer for the original purchase, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by both parties.

      7.1. This Policy only applies to vehicles purchased through AutoEmpire consignment company. It does not extend to vehicles sold directly by individual owners or other third-party sellers.
      7.2. Any damages or modifications incurred during the Buyer's possession of the vehicle will render it ineligible for return under this Policy.

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